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XML Compare

The XML section of the Options dialog box displays the options that are used for XML-based comparison.




Whitespace characters are space, tab, carriage return, and line feed. The three options here compare files with whitespace unchanged; with whitespace normalized (i.e., all consecutive whitespace characters are reduced to one whitespace character); and with all whitespace stripped (i.e., not considered for comparison).


Case sensitivity

If the Ignore case check box is checked, then case is ignored, and you have the option of ignoring or not ignoring case in node names.



These are options for ignoring namespaces and prefixes when searching for differences.


Ignore node types

Check the node types that will not be compared in the Compare session. Node types that may be ignored are Attributes, CDATA, Comments, Processing Instructions, DOCTYPE statements, and XML declarations.



If Ignore order of child nodes is selected, then the relative position of the child nodes of an element is ignored. As long as an element node with the same name exists in each of the two sets of sibling nodes, the two sets are considered to be equal. Note, however, that if an element node has an attribute, it will always be considered unequal to an element with the same name in the compared sibling set—even if the Ignore order of child nodes is selected. The option of ignoring the order of attributes is also available, and applies to the order of attributes of a single element.



If Resolve entities is selected, then all entities in the document are resolved. Otherwise the files are compared with the entities as is.



If Ignore text is selected, then differences in corresponding text nodes are not reported.



If Ignore node depth is selected, then the additional depth of any element (i.e., more levels of descendants) relative to the depth of the corresponding element in the compared file is ignored. This option must be unselected to enable merging and exporting differences.

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