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Adding a Schema

The tutorial folder of you DatabaseSpy installation contains an SQL script that will create a new schema in your zoo database and add all zoo tables to it. You will open and execute this script in the SQL Editor.



To add schema "test" to the zoo database:

1.Select the menu option File | Open | Open File... or press Ctrl+O to open the Windows Open dialog box.
2.Navigate to the tutorial folder (\Altova\DatabaseSpy2019\DatabaseSpyExamples\Tutorial sub-folder of the Documents folder), select CreateTestSchema.sql and click Open. The script opens in a new SQL Editor window.
3.In the Properties window, select "ZooDBConnect" from the Data Source drop-down list.
4.Click the Execute ic_execute-sql button in the SQL Editor toolbar or press F5.
5.In the Online Browser, click the Refresh ic_refresh-datasource button in the toolbar or right-click ZooDB and select Refresh from the context menu.


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