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Showing the Row Count

You can get an overview on the number of rows in a table or view without the need to retrieve data first. The row count is displayed directly in the Online Browser and can be updated or cleared at any time, either for single tables or views, respectively, or for all objects in a folder at once.


The row count can be disabled in the Online Browser options; it is enabled by default.



To show the row count for a single table:

1.Make sure that the Optional display of Table and View row counts check box is activated in the Online Browser options (select the menu option Tools | Options or press Ctrl+Alt+O and select the Online Browser page to check).
2.If you hover over tables or views in the Online Browser, the string "(count)" is displayed to the right of any table or view. Select tblAnimals and click on "(count)". Notice how the string turns into a link when you place the mouse cursor over it.


Alternatively, you can also right-click tblAnimals and select Row Count | Show/Update from the context menu.



To show the row count for all objects of a folder:

With the row counts option activated, right-click the User Tables folder in the Online Browser and select Row Count | Show/Update from the context menu.


The number of rows is retrieved for all tables that are contained in the User Tables folder.



To hide the row count for tables, views, or folders:

Select the database object for which you do not want to show the row count, right-click and select Row Count | Clear from the context menu.

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