Locating Database Objects

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Locating Database Objects

The Object Locator in DatabaseSpy serves for searching for a specific database object by name. When the Object Locator is turned on, you can enter a string in the text box below the Online Browser window and then select a database object from the drop-down list displaying only objects that contain the text entered in the text box. Clicking an entry in the drop-down list selects the corresponding database object in the Online Browser.


Note:To speed up the display of database objects in the Object Locator, only items are displayed that have already been loaded into the Online Browser in the current session. Therefore, if only a few items are displayed or a certain type of database items (e.g., keys or constraints) is missing at all, load these items into the Online Browser by expanding the tree until the desired object is visible. Use the Expand | Siblings and Expand | Children commands from the context menu for this purpose.



To display each and every item in the Online Browser:

1.In the Online Browser, expand the schema so that all its subfolders are displayed.
2.Use Shift+Click to select all sub-items of the schema.
3.Right-click and select Expand | Children from the context menu.
4.Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all subfolders of the schema are expanded. Note that in large databases the loading of the items may take a considerable amount of time.



To locate database objects in the Online Browser:

1.In the Online Browser, click the Object Locator ic_object-locator icon. A text box and a drop-down list appear at the bottom of the Online Browser.
2.Enter the string you want to look for, e.g., "type". Clicking the drop-down arrow displays all elements that contain that string.


3.Choose an object from the drop-down list to have it selected in the Online Browser.
4.Change the Object Locator context by clicking the arrow icon next to the drop-down list and select one of the options From current Data Source, From focused item, or All.


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