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Filtering Objects

The application of filters allows you to reduce the number of displayed database objects and thus show only those objects that meet certain filter criteria. You can define different filters for each of the individual folders in the Online Browser.


Since the filters work on folder level, the filter function is not available in the No Folders and Table Dependencies layouts.


In this tutorial, you will use a filter to display only tables that contain the string "Animal" in the table name.



To filter for tables containing the string "Animal" in the table name:

1.Make sure you are in Folders layout, and expand the folders so you can see the zoo database tables.
2.In the Online Browser, click the Filter folder contents ic_filter icon in the toolbar or press Ctrl+Alt+F. Filter icons appear next to the Schemas, Tables and Views folders.


3.Click the Filter icon next to the Tables folder and select Contains from the menu that pops up.


A text field appears to the right of the filter icon.


4.Enter "Animal" in the text field. The objects are filtered as you type.


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