Altova Authentic 2022 Desktop

Certain Authentic Desktop actions can be carried out from the command line. These commands are listed below:


Open a file

Command: authentic.exe file.xml

Action: Opens the file, file.xml, in Authentic Desktop


Open multiple files

Command: authentic.exe file1.xml file2.xml

Action: Opens the files, file1.xml and file2.xml, in Authentic Desktop


Assign an SPS file to an XML file for Authentic View editing

Command: authentic.exe myxml.xml /sps mysps.sps

Action: Opens the file, myxml.xml in Authentic View with mysps.sps as its SPS file. The /sps flag specifies that the SPS file that follows is to be used with the XML file that precedes the /sps flag (for Authentic View editing).


Open a new XML template file via an SPS file

Command: authentic.exe mysps.sps

Action: Opens a new XML file in Authentic View. The display will be based on the SPS and the new XML file will have a skeletal structure based on the SPS schema. The name of the newly created XML file must be assigned when saving the XML file.


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