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Generate HTML, RTF, PDF, Word 2007+, Text Document

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These five commands generate output documents from the Authentic View XML document stored in a PXF file:


Generate an HTML Document

Generate an RTF Document

Generate a PDF Document

Generate a Word 2007+ Document

Generate a Text Document


They are also available in the Portable XML Form (PXF) toolbar (screenshot below).


Clicking the individual command or buttons generates HTML, RTF, PDF, or DocX output, respectively.


These buttons are enabled when a PXF file is opened in Authentic View. Individual commands and buttons are enabled if the PXF file was configured to contain the XSLT stylesheet for that specific output format. For example, if the PXF file was configured to contain the XSLT stylesheets for HTML and RTF, then only the commands and toolbar buttons for HTML and RTF output will be enabled while those for Text, PDF and DocX (Word 2007+) output will be disabled.


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