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Altova Authentic 2020 Desktop

The Authentic Desktop installation package contains tutorials, projects, and example files.


Location of tutorials, projects, and example files

The Authentic Desktop tutorials, projects, and example files are installed in the folder:


 C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\


The My Documents\Altova\Authentic2020 folder will be installed for each user registered on a PC within that user's <username> folder. Under this installation system, therefore, each user will have his or her own AuthenticExamples folder in a separate working area.


Note about the master Authentic Desktop folder

When Authentic Desktop is installed on a machine, a master Altova\Authentic2020 folder is created at the following folder location:
 C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\


When a user on that machine starts Authentic Desktop for the first time, Authentic Desktop creates a copy of this master folder in the user's <username>\My Documents\ folder. It is therefore important not to use the master folder when working with tutorial or example files, otherwise  these edited files will be copied to the user folder of a user who subsequently uses Authentic Desktop for the first time.


Location of tutorial, project, and examples files

All tutorial, project, and example files are located in the AuthenticExamples folder.


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