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Authentic Desktop Features and Help, and Altova Products

The Altova website,, has a wealth of Authentic Desktop-related information and resources. Among these are the following.


Authentic Desktop feature listing

The Altova website carries a list of Authentic Desktop features.


Authentic Desktop Help

This documentation is the Altova-supplied Help for Authentic Desktop. It is available as the built-in Help system of Authentic Desktop, which is accessible via the Help menu  or by pressing F1. Additionally, the user manuals for all Altova products are available in the following formats:


Online HTML manuals, accessed via the Support page at the Altova website
Printable PDFs, which you can download from the Altova website and print locally
Printed books that you can buy via a link at the Altova website


Support options

If you require additional information to what is available in the user manual (this documentation) or have a query about Altova products, visit our Support Center at the Altova website. Here you will find:


Links to our FAQ pages
Discussion forums on Altova products and general XML subjects
Online Support Forms that enable you to make support requests, should you have a support package. Your support request will be processed by our support team.


Altova products

For a list of all Altova products, see the Altova website.


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