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ALSXSingle-Thread Execution

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If an Altova server-product license for only one core is available in the license pool, a machine with multiple cores can be assigned this one-core license. In such a case, the machine will run that product on a single core. Processing will therefore be slower, because multi-threading (which is possible on multiple cores) will not be available. The product will be executed in single thread mode on that machine.


To assign a single-core license to a multiple-core machine, select the Limit to single thread execution check box for that product.


In the case of MobileTogether Server (MTS), if single-thread execution is selected for an MTS core license, then only one mobile device will be able to connect to the MobileTogether Server at any time. Note that, if, in this case, a second device connects to MobileTogether Sever, then the second device will take over the license. The first device will not be able to connect any more and will receive an error message to this effect.

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