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Server Setup (Admin)

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To set up reminder emails, the administrator must carry out the following tasks on MobileTogether Server:


1.Deploy the Reminder Emails service solution to MobileTogether Server.

2.On MobileTogether Server, enter the correct settings for sending emails from the server.

3.Set up triggers for the Reminder Emails service. When a trigger event occurs, the service is executed and all reminder emails that are due are sent.


Deploy the Reminder Emails service solution

Your installed Contract Manager package contains a service solution named Reminder EMails.mtd, which must be deployed to MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition. The service solution will be used to run a server service that sends emails from MobileTogether Server at predefined times. (Note that service solutions work only on the Advanced Edition of MobileTogether Server (purchased license required), so make sure that you install the Advanced Edition. For information about MobileTogether Server licensing and usage, see its user manual.)


To deploy Reminder EMails.mtd, do the following:


1.Open Reminder EMails.mtd in Altova MobileTogether Designer (license available free of cost).

2.In MobileTogether Designer, click File | Deploy to MobileTogether Server.

3.In the Save Design dialog that appears (screenshot below), enter (i) the address and port number of the MobileTogether Server, (ii) your server access credentials, and (iii) the path of the folder on the server where you want to deploy Reminder Mails.mtd.

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4.Click OK. The Reminder Emails service solution will be deployed.


Email server settings on MobileTogether Server

On MobileTogether Server, you will need to enter the settings of your sending email server so that emails can be correctly sent. Do this as follows:


1.Open the Web UI of MobileTogether Server. See the user manual for information about how to do this.

2.Go to the Settings | Misc tab (screenshot below), and enter the email settings as described in the Email Settings section here.

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Tip:To test that the settings are correct, click Send Test Email and enter your email address as the recipient's address. If the settings are correct, you will receive a test email.


Set up triggers

In MobileTogether Server, you can define one or more triggers to start the Reminder Emails service. When the service is triggered (by any of the triggers you have defined), emails will be sent for all reminders that are currently due (Due Reminders). There are three types of triggers, which are described here. Probably the most suitable type of trigger for reminder emails is the time trigger. By using this kind of trigger, you can set reminder emails to be sent at regular intervals, say, at a specific time daily or on specific days of the week.


To access the trigger settings page in the MobileTogether Server Web UI, go to the Workflows tab (screenshot below), select the Reminder Emails service solution, and click Service Config (circled in red below). For details, see the MobileTogether Server manual.

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On the Trigger Settings page (screenshot below), set the triggers that you want. For more information, see the MobileTogether Server manual.

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Tip:To test a trigger, click its Run Immediately icon at top right (circled in green). Note, however, that the remaining configuration steps (Configuration (Admin) and Settings (User)) must be correctly defined for a reminder email to be correctly sent.


Debugging reminder email errors

If reminder emails are not being correctly sent, check the following:


Check whether emails have been set to be sent to the intended alert group/s. If yes, then check (with your system administrator) that users belong to the correct alert groups. Note that alert groups can be selected in two ways: (i) directly in the reminder's settings, and (ii) via the alert groups defined for a filter that the reminder is using alert groups defined for a filter that the reminder is using. If there is a problem, contact your system administrator.

Check that the reminder settings are correct.

Check that the reminder is a due reminder; if the reminder has any other status, no email will be sent



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