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Altova Contract Manager

When you start Altova Contract Manager from the Altova Cloud Portal, you will enter Contract Manager with the same user credentials (user name and password) with which you were logged in on the Altova Cloud Portal.


Your Altova Cloud Portal administrator will have given you an app-access role as part of your access rights to Contract Manager. Your app-access role determines whether you can enter Contract Manager as an administrator or an end user:


Administrator: You will be able to: (i) configure the Contract Manager database and carry out other system administration tasks, and (ii) use the system as an end user

End User: You will be able to enter data into the database, export data, view and print reports, and set up reminders


However, after you enter Contract Manager, it is the Contract Manager roles assigned to you by your Contract Manager administrator that apply (see Roles in Contract Manager). So, even though you enter as an administrator because of your app-access role, your Contract Manager role must be the Admin role in order for you to be able to access Contract Manager's Admin Zone. If it isn't, then you will be taken to the system's User Zone.


In order for you to be able to access the system's Admin Zone, you must have (i) an app-access role of Administrator as well as (ii) a Contract Manager role of Admin. If you need to access to the Admin Zone, contact your Altova Cloud Portal system administrator or your Contract Manager system administrator, whichever may be the case, to request the relevant role/s.


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