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Altova CbC Reporting Solution

The Report Data tab (screenshot below) is the main part of the report. It is where the financial data of the reporting entity is edited.


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There are two ways in which the financial data can be entered:


Import from Excel: The financial data is imported from the Altova CbC Reporting Solution's Excel Template for Import. For information about how to create this template, see Excel Template for Import. To import data from this template, click the Import from Excel button, which is located at the top right of the Report Data tab (see screenshot above).  For information about importing, see the next section, Import from Excel.

Manually: First add a country by clicking Add Country, located at top right of the tab (see screenshot above), and then click Add Companies. Within each country, you can then add one company after the other. For each company, you can then add financial data. At every point—(i) All Countries, (ii) Individual Country and All Companies, (iii) Individual Company—you can (i) cancel your edit, (ii) verify data for completeness and format, and/or (iii) save your data to the database and go back to the Report page.


Saving a report

Click Verify if you want to check whether any data is missing or incorrect in some way. To save a report, click Save & Close in the top pane of the Report page.


Editing report data

After report data has been entered—either manually or by importing from Excel—you can edit this data. You can edit the following:


Country financial summary: (i) Click that country's Edit button, (ii) edit the country's financial summary fields, (iii) click Save & Close to save country edits.

Company (constituent entity) business activities: (i) Click the relevant country's Edit button, (ii) click Edit Companies, (iii) edit the company's business activities, (iv) click Save & Close to save company edits, (v) click Save & Close to save country edits.


Note:You can use the relevant Delete buttons to delete individual countries and companies.


Note:When saving, you will need to save separately at different levels: (i) companies level, (ii) country level, (iii) report level.


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