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Altova CbC Reporting Solution

CbCR virtual machine (CbCR VM)

In order to work on the command line of the CbCR VM, you will need to log in to the CbCR VM. The login credentials are:


username: cbcreporting

password: cbcreporting


Note:You must click inside the player window in order to be able to type at the command line. The password is not displayed as you type it in.


IP address of the CbCR VM

The IP address of the CbCR VM (<vm-ipaddress>) is displayed in VMware Player when the the VM is powered on (see screenshot below).



To find the IP address (for example or hostname: Log in to the VM and run the following commands, respectively, at the VM command line:

For the IP address: ifconfig

For the hostname: hostname


Note:In the URLs given below, use the IP address of the VM in preference to its hostname.


Start services

If MobileTogether Server is unlicensed for a certain period of time, the unlicensed server shuts down, and needs to be restarted. The servers can be started as services on the command line of the VM, and the commands to start them are listed below.


Start Altova LicenseServer: sudo systemctl start licenseserver

Start MobileTogether Server: sudo systemctl start mobiletogetherserver


Note:If, after running a command to restart a server service, you are prompted for a password, enter the password of the virtual machine having the user name cbcreporting (see above).


Altova LicenseServer

Required in order to license MobileTogether Server.


Altova LicenseServer web interface: http://<vm-ipaddress>:8088

Altova LicenseServer initial password: default


Note:The initial password can be changed in the Settings tab of LicenseServer.



MobileTogether Server administrator interface

Provides access to MobileTogether Server settings.


URL: http://<vm-ipaddress>:8085

Default user: root

Default password: root


Note:To be able to log in to the administrator interface of MobileTogether Server, the username must be one that has administrative rights. A user named root is pre-defined and has administrator rights. So you can log in with administrator rights for the first time as root. You can change the password of root in the Users and Roles tab of the administrator interface. In this tab, you can also create additional users with different privileges.


MobileTogether Server client interface

The URL to access the client interface of MobileTogether Server on the VM is:




CbC Reporting Solution

The URL of CbC Reporting Solution on the VM is:



Login with user=root and password=root


For information about the CbCR VM's IP address, see above and CbCR VM: Power On.


Language of the VM keyboard

The default language of the VM keyboard layout is German (DE). If the keyboard you are using is designed for another language than German, then you should change the VM's keyboard layout to match that of your actual keyboard.


To change the layout of the VM's keyboard, do the following:


1.At the VM command line, type: sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration. (Note that in the German keyboard layout: (i) the hyphen character (-) is located in the row above the spacebar; it is the key immediately to the left of the right-hand-side Shift key; (ii) the Y key of German keyboards is at the location of the Z key of EN keyboards.). Press Enter.

2.A keyboard configuration menu appears, which lists a number of keyboard models. Navigate to the model that best matches your keyboard. (Use the Up and Down cursor keys to navigate.) If you are not sure about the correct keyboard model, select one of the generic keyboard models.

3.Press Enter. (Alternatively, simultaneously press Ctrl and the Move Right cursor key to select Ok. Then press Enter.)

4.In the next menu that appears select the keyboard's country of origin and press Enter.

5.In the keyboard layout menu that now appears, select your language preference and press Enter.

6.Select a preferred AltGr key and Compose key. If you have no preferences, use the default selections. Press Enter in each case when done.


The keyboard layout will be changed to your selection. To change it again, carry out the procedure listed above with your new preferences.


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