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Altova CbC Reporting Solution

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Easy Installation

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The Altova CbC Reporting Solution is available as a Virtual Machine (VM) named CbC Reporting. All the program components that are necessary to run the CbC Reporting Solution are pre-installed on the VM (see diagram below). So installation is very easy. All that you need to do is to download the VM to a computer on your network and license the pre-installed Altova MobileTogether Server. After doing this, you can power on the CbCR VM, then open the CbC Reporting Solution in a browser and immediately begin working with it.






Easy installation steps

Carry out the following steps to install the CbC Reporting Solution as a virtual machine:


1.Install VMware Workstation Player.

2.Download the zipped archive of the CbCR VM from the Altova website and extract it to a location on your network.

3.In the player, power on the CbCR VM and configure it.

4.License Altova MobileTogether Server with Altova LicenseServer.

5.Open the CbC Reporting Solution in a web browser and start work on your project. The web browser that you use must be on your main machine—not on the virtual machine.


Each of these steps is explained in the rest of this chapter.


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