Is it just a wrapper around HTML5 and JavaScript?

When we demonstrate MobileTogether at tradeshows, we often get asked this question: “So is it just a native app wrapper around HTML5 and JavaScript?” The simple answer is: “No.”

MobileTogether is a complete mobile app development framework that is based on our very own rendering and processing engine, which gives us a lot more flexibility and power to provide a true native app experience on each mobile operating system platform and also make important mobile platform functions that are not commonly accessible from JavaScript or HTML5-based web apps available to the developer.

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All of the rendering of the mobile application pages is done by the MobileTogether client app (or by our MobileTogether Framework Library, if you have gone the AppStore deployment route and built your own native mobile app with MobileTogether) and all of the business logic and workflow is executed partially in the MobileTogether client and partially in the server, depending on your particular application needs. The MobileTogether Server provides the back-end for your mobile apps and interfaces with any back-end databases, web services, or other data sources to make that data available to your mobile apps. It supports SQL databases, XML data sources, and JSON data sources, and in addition to using SQL queries against your databases, you can also utilize the powerful XQuery language for advanced data processing, querying, and selection on data from all sources.

Furthermore, MobileTogether includes a complete charting and graphing engine that lets you visualize data in your mobile apps and build powerful BI dashboards, data analytics, and scientific solutions.

Last, but not least, the MobileTogether framework gives you access to specific mobile operating system capabilities, such as sending SMS messages, sending emails, camera-based image capture, signature capture, and GPS and geolocation functions.

All of that is available on all three major mobile operating systems: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone – and none of those capabilities would be possible in simple HTML5 and JavaScript-based web apps, or in a simple native app wrapper solution around those basic technologies.

But it gets even better: the MobileTogether framework also lets you target office workers on laptops, hybrid tablet/laptops, or desktop PCs running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. The same mobile apps that you are building with MobileTogether can also be run on Windows, either through the MobileTogether client app, or when you generate code from MobileTogether Designer and then compile your own native Windows app utilizing the the MobileTogether Framework Library.

So check out MobileTogether today and see how easy it is to build powerful mobile apps with our premier cross-platform mobile development framework!


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