Tablet Sales Have Plateaued – And Why You Shouldn’t Care

A recently published Forrester study reveals that tablet sales, once soaring as Apple, Samsung, and other tablet producers fought for market share, have plateaued.  The allure of these larger screens has waned as the size of smartphones has grown over time, and existing customers just aren’t as enthusiastic about upgrading their tablets to a new version as they are about getting the latest and greatest smartphone.

One area where tablet use isn’t slowing appears to be the enterprise, as end users continue to utilize iPads and Android tablets for business-related tasks, and employers are willing to let them BYOD.

Mobile apps for all devices

This is great news for MobileTogether developers building enterprise mobile apps for tablets (as well as phones and desktop devices) – but really, they don’t care.


Apps developed in MobileTogether are future proof. If people stop using tablets and flock to smartphones or even turn back to laptops more often for data-centric business apps, you’re covered. If a major hardware manufacturer happens to pull out of the smartphone market – or whatever the rumor du jour – you can shrug it off, because you haven’t wasted any time developing solely for that platform.

How is this possible? Each mobile business solution designed in MobileTogether is automatically adapted for and run via a native client app, for all of the major OSes and form factors: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even desktops, running Android, iOS, Windows, or another OS.

The MobileTogether approach to app development lets you connect to back end data and build an app solution once – then deploy it everywhere, while giving end users the native app experience they expect. The choice of device is up to the user and can vary day to day, or hour to hour, as he moves from commuter train to desk to boardroom.

As trends come and go, your apps are available when – and on which device – end users favor at a given point in time.

Want to join the ranks of MobileTogether developers unaffected by the headlines? It couldn’t be easier to get started.


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