Updated JSON Schema Support Highlights v2019 Release 3

From updated support for standards and relational databases to several new data mapping options, Altova’s Version 2019 Release 3 product line addresses developer requests and ups the ante with innovative new functionality. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

JSON Schema Draft-06 & Draft-07

In response to requests from developers wanting to take advantage of optimizations in these newer versions of the JSON Schema standard, we’ve added support across the product line. This includes:

JSON Schema draft-06 and draft-07 are supported in XMLSpy
  • MapForce: Support for the new JSON Schema versions is available for mapping JSON data to or from other formats including XML, databases, EDI, Excel, and more.
  • RaptorXML Server: Support for ultra-fast validation of JSON and JSON Schema documents using Altova’s high-performance validation and processing server software has been updated to include JSON Schema draft-06 and draft-07.

Split Text View in XMLSpy

The XMLSpy text view remains popular for editing not just XML, but XSLT, XQuery, HTML, CSS, and JSON, as well. Developers now have a new option to split the editing window horizontally or vertically to work with different sections of a single document at once. 

This is especially helpful for larger documents, where it’s often helpful to see multiple portions of the document at the same time.

Split-screen xml editing view in XMLSpy

Full Support for High-Res Displays in MapForce

Joining XMLSpy and UModel, which were previously updated with sharp new UIs, MapForce now also takes full advantage of the higher resolution offered by high pixel density (HiDPI, high-PPI) displays to render all graphics with more precision and detail, making complex data mapping projects vivid and easier to read.

New Web Services Mapping Options in MapForce

New options for connecting to Web services for data mapping allow for:

  • Handling of REST Web service errors (adds to support for handling SOAP WS errors) – Sometimes an error message returned by a REST Web service is for an issue that doesn’t adversely affect the outcome of the mapping. For these cases, MapForce now includes multiple options for reacting to HTTP error messages instead of simply aborting the mapping.
  • Dynamic username/password – allows the username/password required for access to a Web service to be part of the data mapping itself rather than a static value
  • Unstructured request/response bodies in REST Web services – a new MIME function library facilitates handling RESTful Web services calls when the request or response structure is unstructured, i.e., flexible or not tied to a particular schema

New Database Mapping Options in MapForce

MapForce includes numerous options for database mapping, and two new additions make it even more flexible:

  • Database output logging (tracing) – When tracing is on, events such as database insert or update actions, or errors, are logged in an XML file that you can later analyze or process further.The ability to log database changes provides even more control for mapping designers to refine data processing definitions and/or report issues to stakeholders managing the source of the mapping data.
Database tracing to log the output of database mapping in MapForce
  • Transaction roll back for error handling – Sometimes an error occurs that doesn’t prevent the rest of a data mapping from continuing, such as when certain database constraints prevent the mapping from inserting or updating invalid data. For these instances, MapForce now includes highly-configurable database transaction handling to roll back the affected part of the database data when an error is thrown and optionally proceed with the rest of the mapping.

Database Differencing on DiffDog Server

DiffDog Server, Altova’s high-performance differencing engine, has also been enhanced with new database functionality.

Like the DiffDog desktop comparison tool, DiffDog Server now supports all major relational databases for comparing database structure and/or content.

Other Technology Updates Across the Product Line

In addition to the new JSON Schema drafts, the Altova MissionKit and Server Software product lines have been updated to include support for:

  • New database versions:
    • PostgreSQL 11
    • IBM DB2 for iSeries® 7.2, 7.3
  • Office 2019 (OOXML)
  • Windows Server 2019
  • macOS 10.14

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