Top 10 Robust Enhancements That Just Made MobileTogether Even Better

We’re proud to announce MobileTogether Version 1.5 with more than 18 important new features and enhancements, adding even more power for building and deploying multi-platform mobile app solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

MobileTogether Version 1.5

Here is a list of 10 highlights introduced in this release, which include enhancements to Actions and Action Groups that define behaviors of MobileTogether app solutions, new and enhanced UI controls, and new tools for improving developer efficiency.

  1. Send emails from the mobile client or the server
    This new action permits MobileTogether app solutions to send emails in text or HTML format to one or more recipients and optionally include attachments. Developers can either specify sending from the standard email application installed on the mobile device where the user can see the message and confirm sending, or emails may be sent silently via the MobileTogether Server.
  2. Starting an app solution via a link that includes parameters
    Now end users can start an app solution via a link that may optionally include parameters. Links can be used to construct email-based workflows. For example, when one user submits an expense report, the solution can automatically send the manager an email with a link that opens the MobileTogether solution on the manager’s mobile device to authorize the expense.
  3. Action Loops for repeated execution of a sequence of actions
    Now MobileTogether allows developers to create loops of actions that can perform operations like sending personalized emails to a list of recipients, repeated execution of a database query with a changing parameter, retrieving data from a set of HTML sources, and much more.
  4. Multiple versions of the same solution may coexist on the server to accommodate outdated clients
    This gives developers maximum flexibility for deploying updated solutions. The MobileTogether Server will automatically serve the version for the solution that is compatible with the user’s client. A MobileTogether Solution for reporting daily sales
  5. Client configuration via email link to simplify set-up for end users
    Now, end users can simply click a link using their mobile device to automatically configure the free MobileTogether Mobile App with the proper MobileTogether Server settings, letting users access your company’s mobile solutions immediately.
  6. New horizontal line options, OnClick vs. OnLongClick, and other UI control enhancements
    A host of new control options make it easier than ever drag and drop to design a sophisticated UI for enterprise app solutions.
  7. Support for radio buttons
    The radio button control is familiar from desktop user interfaces, but not natively available on all operating systems, so MobileTogether supplies its own implementation for mobile devices where radio buttons do not exist.
  8. Unified data types for database tables
    This is an improvement that makes it easier for developers to switch from one database to another. One major application is to create a solution that interacts with database tables using a local database for development and testing, then convert to an enterprise production database when the solution is deployed to mobile users.
  9. Update display during execution
    This new action allows the developer to update the display during execution of a series of actions. This will be useful when multiple time-consuming steps might need to be executed and the developer wants to keep the user informed of continued activity so a static display won’t be misinterpreted.
  10. Automatic save for database tables without primary keys
    In MobileTogether 1.5, tables without primary keys can be re-saved automatically. The Automatic Save command is far easier to use than writing individual SQL statements, especially for inexperienced users.

To learn more or download the free MobileTogether Designer to get started creating your first enterprise mobile solution now, visit: Or, install the free MobileTogether client from the app store for your Android, iOS, Windows 8, or Windows Phone 8 device, then try out any of more than a dozen examples on the MobileTogether Demo server.For a complete list of new features and enhancements in MobileTogether version 1.5 visit:

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