The Altova MissionKit 2013 Introduces Seamless Integration of XMLSpy, MapForce, and StyleVision in Java Applications

The Altova MissionKit 2013, empowers developers to integrate XMLSpy, MapForce, or StyleVision functionality seamlessly in custom Java applications for Windows. This frequently-requested capability adds to existing support for integrating these MissionKit tools in Visual Basic or C# applications, giving developers flexibility to add some or all XMLSpy, MapForce, or StyleVision views and functionality to their own custom apps.

Version 2013 of XMLSpy, MapForce, and StyleVision include a new API that allows each to run inside a window within a Java application developed using the Java Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) or Java Swing. This functionality allows MapForce 2013, for instance, to be embedded in larger applications where data mapping and transformation is only one requirement.

MapForce running in a Java ActiveX window

Altova provides sample applications with XMLSpy, MapForce, and StyleVision illustrating use of the Java API. You can access the sample applications from the command line or from within Eclipse.

The screen shot above shows the MapForce version of sample application, which has launched MapForce, opened a mapping file, and displayed validation results. The buttons for each MapForce window, such as Mapping, DB Query, Output, etc. below the mapping window all operate exactly as if MapForce is running in its normal stand-alone mode. Right-click context menus in the mapping window are also supported.

The Java API also includes extensive documentation to help Java developers get started quickly. An example from the MapForce API documentation is shown below.

MapForce Java API documentationPlease note: you must install the corresponding free XMLSpy MapForce, or StyleVision Integration Package to access the sample applications and Java integration functionality. Although Java is known as a cross-platform development tool, MapForce integration functionality is available for the Windows platform only.

Try Version 2013 Now

Version 2013 is a free update for Altova customers with an active Support and Maintenance Package. Visit the Altova Download page to update now! If you’re not already a customer, you may download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial.

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