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How to Speed Up Your XSLT – Automatically

Once you’ve written XSLT code to produce HTML or some other output, optimizing it to deliver the fastest execution is tricky business. Even with the powerful XSLT profiler in XMLSpy, a developer is required to have expert-level XSLT skills to test and fix the bottlenecks that the XSLT profiler identifies. Is the problem in an XPath expression? Is it an XSLT instruction? This can be a frustrating and time consuming task.

To help alleviate this issue and bring the power of XSLT to developers of all skill levels, XMLSpy also includes the XSL Speed Optimizer, which provides fixes to remove bottlenecks automatically, to immediately speed up your XSLT execution – it’s a revolutionary approach to optimizing XSLT performance.

Learn about XSL Speed Optimizer

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Altova’s Latest Release Sets the Performance Bar Even Higher

Release 2 of Altova MissionKit desktop developer and server software products is now available for downloading. This release packs a punch, delivering enhancements that boost performance by two or even three times, as well as updated standards support – and a revolutionary new approach to speeding up XSLT execution called XSL Speed Optimizer.


Altova Software Version 2014r2

Let’s take a look at some of these new features in depth.

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Altova Software Version 2014 is Available

It’s time for Altova’s annual major release, and this year, we’ve added support for the latest version of major W3C standards: XML Schema 1.1 and XPath, XSLT, and XQuery 3.0. Validation and processing of these standards in Altova MissionKit products is Powered by RaptorXML, bringing the benefits of Altova’s third-generation XML and XBRL engine to your favorite developer tools.

Integration for relational databases has been extended, as well, with compatibility provided for new database versions and database vendors. Support now includes:

  • SQL Server® 2012
  • PostgreSQL 9.0.10, 9.1.6, 9.2.1
  • IBM DB2® 9.5, 9.7, 10.1
  • Informix® 11.70
  • MySQL® 5.5.28
  • Sybase® ASE 15, 15.7
  • Access™ 2010, 2013

We’ve also added numerous features based on customer requests, such as reporting multiple validation errors at once in XMLSpy, support for XML wildcards in MapForce data mapping projects, and new options for rendering section breaks in StyleVision. An overview of the new features follows, but for all the details, head over to the Altova What’s New page.
RaptorXML XML and XBRL EngineNew in XMLSpy® 2014

  • XML Schema 1.1 support
  • Powered by RaptorXML for lightning-fast validation and processing
  • Smart Fix validation with auto-correction now extended to Schema View
  • XPath 3.0 support
  • XSLT 3.0 (subset) support
  • XQuery 3.0 (subset) support
  • Support for XBRL Formula and XBRL Concept Types
  • Ability to display multiple validation errors at once
  • Support for new databases
  • Integration with Eclipse 4.3
  • Ability to generate sample XML instances with all schema choices

XML Schema 1.1 Editor

New in MapForce® 2014

  • Support for XML wildcards (xs:any and xs:anyAttribute)
  • Support for comments and processing instructions in output XML
  • Integration of RaptorXML
  • New function to calculate age based on a birthdate
  • Support for new databases
  • Integration with Eclipse 4.3

Wildcard support for XML mapping

New in StyleVision® 2014

  • Support for new databases
  • Integration with Eclipse 4.3
  • New option for rendering section breaks – ability to avoid a blank first page

New in Authentic® 2014

  • Support for new databases
  • Integration with Eclipse 4.3

New in UModel® 2014

  • Support for project-related SPL templates
  • Support for new databases
  • Integration with Eclipse 4.3

Get complete details and upgrade to Version 2014 now! If you have active Support and Maintenance, this is a free software update.

Version 2014 of Altova Server Software is also available for download, with new features including support for caching results in FlowForce Server.

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