Patient Mobile Form – New Sample App

It’s time for your yearly checkup. However, first, you must update your paperwork. You can practically feel the hand cramp coming on as soon as the receptionist hands over the clipboard.

What if you could update all your info ahead of time – or even in the waiting room – on your mobile device? You could definitely build an app for that.

We’ve created the New Patient sample app to demonstrate a few key features, including how MobileTogether lets you develop cross-platform apps that include rich, mobile form based solutions for capturing data. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Patient form mobile app

New Patient App: Interactive Mobile Form

There are two ways to look at the New Patient sample app. One is to download the free Altova MobileTogether client app from your app store of choice, and you’ll see the New Patient icon on the Demo server that launches when you open the app.


Or, to see how we built the app, download the MobileTogether Designer – also free – and find New Patient in the MobileTogetherDesignerExamples directory.

Let’s take a look at how New Patient looks on a mobile device. I’m using my Android phone at the moment, but I also have the app on my iPad and Windows 10 laptop.


New Patient App: Android


The user simply fills in the form by navigating to each page.


Medical Mobile Form sample app


Once complete, we have the choice to email the collected data or print it to a file. The file can then be viewed, saved, printed to hard copy, emailed as an attachment, and so on. Developers can configure their app built in MobileTogether to process the collected data in any variety of ways, including writing it to a backend database, etc.

When I tap the Printer icon to write the data to a report, I have the choice of three formats (note that RTF is also supported by MobileTogether) and choose PDF.


Print to PDF from app


The app writes all the data I entered to a PDF report for saving, emailing, etc.


Generating PDF from a mobile app


The New Patient sample app demonstrates a variety of features for creating mobile form based apps, but of course you can build any data-centric app in MobileTogether and utilize the functionality described here.


Read more about how the PDF report above was created and about implementing print-to-file functionality in your mobile apps.

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