New! XSLT Technology Training

We’re excited to introduce our new XSLT Technology training as the latest Altova Online Training offering. As with all our trainings, XSLT Technology is released as a free, self-paced course, available online, so students can fit it into their busy schedules.

XSLT transforms XML data into other formats, and this course will transform a beginner XML student into an advanced user. Intermediate and advanced students will gain valuable techniques to add to their XML toolkits.


Chapter 1 starts the course with an overview of XPath, XSL, XSLT, and XSL-FO to introduce the concepts and vocabulary.


In chapter 2, we move on to taking XML data and reforming it into new XML files. This is programmed in XMLSpy using XSLT code. We then transfer data from XML source files into new XML destination files using the graphical mapping tools of MapForce.


Chapter 3 transforms XML data into HTML web pages. XMLSpy is used to program the transformations. StyleVision is used to graphically represent the transformation and perform it. StyleVision is also used to generate XSLT code files.


Chapter 4 explores XSL-FO transformations. We use an XSL transformation to generate an FO file that is then transformed into a PDF file. XMLSpy is used to show the two step transformation. StyleVision is then used to simplify the process.


In chapter 5, we explore XSLT programming techniques. We use XSL functions to lookup, group, number, and alter XML data. We also modularize our XSLT code using functions.

After completing the course, the student will be able to transform XML data into XML files, into HTML web pages, and PDF documents, using both the programming tools of XMLSpy, and the graphical tools of MapForce and StyleVision.


You can access XSLT Technology, and all of our free, web based, self-paced trainings on the Altova Online Training page.

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