New Support for XPath/XQuery 3.1, WS-Security, and More Debut in R3

Release 3 of the Version 2015 Altova MissionKit desktop developer tools and Altova server software products is now available with updated standards support, customer requested features, and innovative new functionality that will save you time on everything from XPath and XQuery development, to advanced data mapping, to XBRL report rendering and beyond. You can skip right to the good stuff and upgrade now, or click Read More below for all the details.

New in XMLSpy 2015 Release 3

  • Support for XPath 3.1 and XQuery 3.1
  • Significantly extended XPath/XQuery tab
  • Support for Web Services Security (WS-Security) and other security extensions
  • Support for XBRL Extensible Enumerations 1.0
  • Support for custom fonts in Output Windows

Significantly extended XPath/XQuery window with builder mode, enhanced entry helpers, XPath/XQuery 3.1 support & more:

New in MapForce 2015 Release 3

  • String processing as XML, JSON, EDI, CSV, FLF, and FlexText
  • FlexText Support for Regular Expressions
  • Support for SQLite databases
  • Support for Web Services Security and other security extensions
  • Support for Excel 2013 files
  • Support for additional X12 standards: 5040, 6030, 6040
  • Support for additional EDIFACT standards: D.14A, D.14B
  • New string processing functions

Process any text file component (XML, JSON, EDI, CSV, FLF, or FlexText) as a string rather than a file:

New in StyleVision 2015 Release 3

  • Support for XPath 3.1
  • Support for XBRL Table Linkbase

Generating tables based on XBRL Table Linkbase definition:

Rendered table:

Altova Server Software 2015 Release 3

Version 2015 Release 3 of Altova Server Software products includes enhanced standards and API support and other helpful functionality.

New in Altova LicenseServer 2015 Release 3

  • Failover support, making it possible to install primary and secondary LicenseServers and combine them in a fully automatic failover installation

New in RaptorXML Server 2015 Release 3

  • Support for XPath and XQuery 3.1
  • Significant improvements to Python API
  • Support for additional XBRL standards, including Extensible Enumerations 1.0 and Generic Preferred Label 1.0 (RaptorXML+XBRL Server only)

New in MapForce Server 2015 Release 3

MapForce Server preprocesses and automates execution of data mappings designed in MapForce, and as such supports the same new functionality added to MapForce 2015r3.

New in StyleVision Server 2015 Release 3

StyleVision Server automates report and document generation based on stylesheets and supporting design elements designed and uploaded by StyleVision, and as such supports the new functionality added to StyleVision 2015r3.

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Upgrading to v2015r3 is included for all customers with an active Support and Maintenance package, as well as all current customers of Altova Server Software.

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