MapForce Server Accelerator Edition Achieves a New Level of Data Transformation Performance

MapForce Server automates recurring execution of data mappings and transformations designed and tested using Altova MapForce. Every day, MapForce Server is employed in business communication, financial reporting, database ETL, and many other applications to transform critical data between any of XML, JSON, database, EDI, XBRL, flat file, CSV, Excel, and/or Web service formats.

Now, MapForce Server Accelerator Edition offers even faster throughput for high-performance server platforms.

The MapForce Server Accelerator Edition contains several optimizations, including multi-threading of execution of individual data mappings and optimization for execution of data mappings that include the MapForce join component.

The MapForce join component extends the functionality of a SQL join statement to all data formats, applying a visual interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

Saving a MapForce data mapping saved as an execution file for MapForce Server

Our testing has shown some existing data mappings submitted by current MapForce Server users perform up to 70 times faster* when run by the MapForce Server Accelerator Edition.

The MapForce Server Accelerator Edition supports high performance servers configured with two or more cores. Altova continues to offer the standard edition of MapForce Server for single-core platforms. The MapForce Server Accelerator Edition simply provides the same results much faster.

MapForce Server and MapForce Server Accelerator Edition can be executed in a standalone configuration, under the management of FlowForce Server, or programmatically via an API. Both editions are available for Windows, Linux, or MacOS operating systems.

MapForce Server is a superior alternative for deploying data mappings into production versus other more costly data integration products or even generating and compiling data mapping source code. Download a free trial to see for yourself!

* Performance results based on Altova internal tests. Your results may vary.

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