New JSON Editing Features

In Version 2020, Altova introduced an entirely new approach to JSON editing in XMLSpy called JSON Grid View. This visual JSON editor offers a graphical representation of the JSON document structure that is immediately easier to understand and work with than the corresponding JSON code in a text editor, especially for long, complex documents with multiple nested levels of arrays and objects.

With each release we improve upon the list of unique editing tools in JSON Grid. Let’s take a look at  some important updates announced in Version 2021, which was released in October of 2020.

New JSON editing tools

JSON Grid includes numerous features that help you get more from your JSON data, faster – from automatic type detection and keyboard shortcuts that speed editing to unique, advanced tools like XQuery filters/formulas and chart creation from numerical JSON data. Here are the latest updates.

New JSON Entry Helper Options 

The XMLSpy JSON editor includes a context-sensitive drop down menu that presents valid editing choices, and now it also provides these in Siblings, Children, and Values entry helper windows.

These help you immediately visualize permissible values and also easily insert them via double-click, which can be faster than using the right-click menu in some circumstances. For instance, here I can simply double-click the “Label” sibling to insert it below Genre.

Entry helpers for JSON editing in XMLSpy

New JSON copy/paste options

Copy JSON as text or TSV

New options make it easier to copy and paste portions of a JSON document to work with the content in other applications, use XPath to create filters and functions, and so on.

Copy as JSON TextCurrent selection is serialized as JSON or JSON Lines text
Copy as Structured TextCurrent selection is serialized as TSV (tab separated values)
Copy as ImageCurrent image cell is copied as image
Copy XPathXPath 3.1 syntax, for example: ?Artists?1?Albums?1?Tracks
Copy JSON PointerJSON Pointer syntax, for example: /Artists/1/Albums/1/Tracks

Support for very large JSON files

To make it easier to work with very large files, the JSON developer can opt to group nodes by 1K, 10K, or 100K using the Tools | Options dialog for JSON Grid.

Mouse-over hints for JSON tools

Additional usability features

  • Mouse-over tool tips help users take advantage of JSON Grid functionality (shown below)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for expanding/collapsing sections, zooming in and out
  • Option to turn word-wrap on/off
  • Option for right-to-left reading order for relevant languages, e.g., Arabic, Hebrew.

These new features combine to make JSON Grid even more powerful and easy to use. Do you have a feature request for the next JSON editor update? Comment below!

Try the JSON editing tools in XMLSpy with a free, 30-day trial.

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