New Features for Refining Your App UI

The latest release of Altova’s rapid application development (RAD) framework introduces several new features that make it easier to customize and refine the UI of your app, with new features for styling controls, flexible options for users, and new logging tools.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in MobileTogether 7.2.

New in MobileTogether

Flexible UI Design Options

MobileTogether makes it easy to quickly build and style the UI for your app with built in controls, button images, and granular styling options. This not only makes it fast for you to style your app – your single design generates native iOS, Android, and Windows apps, as well as a browser-based app. MobileTogether Designer takes care of rendering the app UI properly using the native look and feel of each operating system, saving an immeasurable amount of time.

New options in the latest version of MobileTogether include: 

  • New button-look: View. This adds to the 30+ refined button icons that ship with MobileTogether.
  • Ability to change color settings for pre-defined buttons.
  • Padding for table cells (in addition to rows/columns) to precisely control the display of tables with different types of content e.g., a mixture of text and images.
  • Support for dragging message/dialog boxes in web client
  • Additional color options for slider controls (shown below)
Color selection for slider control for mobile apps

New Logging Tools

MobileTogether includes numerous tools for simulating app behavior, automated testing, and app debugging. For an additional option to closely analyze app behavior in the real world, a new Action called Log Message gives developers the ability to log a customized message on the MobileTogether Server or client during the execution of a specific Action.

It’s easy to drag the Log Message Action into an Action Tree for a particular control or page, as shown below, and then configure it as required. Here we’re logging a message when an error occurs after the user taps a button to save a record. You can also log info and warning messages.

New options for error logging in app development on MobileTogether

This latest release also includes support for syslog, giving developers the option to collect log information from MobileTogether server on a syslog server for further analysis.

Additional New Features

Two new extension functions have been added to MobileTogether in this release, and the MobileTogether Server also supports backup/restore functionality for SQLite.

New functions:

  • mt-server-variable: makes it possible to configure different functionality when the same app is running on different servers, for instance, on a test vs. production server.
  • mt-page-stack: Returns a list of pages. When a page calls a subpage, which then calls another subpage, the function will return the full list of pages. This is useful, for example, to allow a dialog to show different options depending on which page it was called from.

Download MobileTogether

Existing customers can download the latest version and update for free. If you’re new to MobileTogether, get started building your first app in MobileTogether Designer for free! 

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