New App Development Tools

Altova releases new versions of its app development framework multiple times a year to introduce new features added in response to customer requests and feedback, as well as to add support for newer OS and database versions as they become available.

The latest release of MobileTogether and RecordsManager introduces important new functionality for building low-code and no-code apps.

Introducing the latest MobileTogether release

New in MobileTogether 8.1

MobileTogether 8.1 includes features and options for low-code development of sophisticated apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and the web.  MobileTogether lets you connect to any business backend system to create native, data-centric apps with a unique, low-code approach.

New features in this version offer additional options for cross-platform compatibility, new usability features for end users, expanded options for interacting with databases, and more.

UI compatibility mode in MobileTogether
Compatibility mode makes default items appear similar on every OS

New features include:

  • UI compatibility mode between clients – to create apps with default elements that look similar on all device operating systems, instead of using the native look-and-feel of each OS (shown above)
  • Support for Android 13
  • Support for additional versions of popular databases
  • Asynchronous progress update (e.g., displaying a progress bar)
  • Deployment of very large (100MB +) server-side files
  • Support for EXCLUSIVE transactions in SQLite databases
  • Option to not save child tables
  • New Actions: copy/paste to clipboard
  • New button image: Web
  • Strikethrough font for additional controls
  • Major updates for no-code development using RecordsManager (see next section)

New in RecordsManager 2.0

RecordsManager is a pre-built, completely no-code solution for creating custom database apps in MobileTogether Designer. One of the biggest advantages of RecordsManager is that app creators don’t need to build the database backend themselves. This saves an incredible amount of time and work and allows system administrators or developers of all skill levels to easily create effective apps, such as the sample contract management database app shown below.

Visual, no code app development with RecordsManager

New features include:

  • Major scripting extensions: the visual scripting editor lets app administrators define sophisticated app behavior in response to user input (shown below)
  • New “User” field type: to note which user created or modified a record, who is responsible for reviewing it, etc.
  • Hierarchical user groups: make roles assignments easier for firms where users belong to multiple groups (e.g., office, department, management team, etc.)
  • Admin search in database configuration
  • Home page alert forms
  • Extended List Form sorting options
  • Share Record button
  • Browser button for fields
Visual scripting editor to configure sophisticated app behavior

Update Now

Read more about new features in MobileTogether and RecordsManager. New and existing customers can update to the latest version by downloading the free MobileTogether Designer.

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