AI Tools for Instant App Creation

Visual, no code tools like Altova RecordsManager have revolutionized the field of data-centric app creation, making it faster and more accessible. But now imagine expressing your database vision in a single sentence, and having it created automatically – including not just the database structure and tables, but forms and reports as well. That’s exactly what the new AI Assistant in RecordsManager does.

With a single AI prompt, users of all skill levels can turn their ideas into functional database solutions without any coding or database design expertise required. RecordsManager lets you skip the manual work of database design so you can focus more on the higher-level aspects of your project.

Let’s see how it works.

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AI-Ready Database Tool

AI is a great productivity booster for IT projects, and working with databases is one area where AI is really making inroads for improving efficiency. By leveraging AI in database tools, DBAs and database developers of any skill level can save time and effort with AI-generated SQL scripts and sample data, for instance, as well as query optimization and troubleshooting.

Altova offers an integrated AI Assistant in DatabaseSpy to help with SQL script creation, data modeling, SQL and error explanations, and even SQL pretty-printing. This makes the multi-database tool, which supports all major databases in a single UI, even more useful.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

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AI Tools for XML and JSON Development

The explosion of AI tools has made a significant impact on the field of software development – not by replacing software engineers as some have predicted – but by actually increasing their value by freeing them to focus on higher-level tasks. By automating low-level code generation, for instance, AI increases development speed and opens the doors to deeper innovation.

To give developers the AI tools they need to realize these productivity and creativity gains, Altova has integrated AI functionality in XMLSpy for XML and JSON editing tasks.

Here’s how the XMLSpy AI Assistant works.

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AI Integration & PDF Data Mapping in Version 2024

Version 2024 of Altova Software introduces brand new AI Assistants in multiple products as well as long-awaited support for PDF data integration in MapForce. Other features include Markdown editing support, split output preview for business report creation, support for new XBRL standards, and much more.

Let’s take a look at the highlights.

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