Build Apps with Maps and Video

The latest release of the MobileTogether app development framework adds additional support for defining geolocation and video integration in your apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms.

Let’s take a look at how these new features enhance existing map and video tools in MobileTogether.

Build apps that include maps and video recording with MobileTogether

Geolocation Map Control

The Geolocation Map Control lets app developers display maps directly in their mobile and desktop apps. A map can show the street, satellite, or hybrid view of the defined area, and markers can be defined for points of interest. The control has viewport, height, and width properties to specify exactly how the map is displayed in your app.

In the screenshot below, the developer has defined a map with colored markers for Washington, DC and Los Angeles.

Build apps that include maps and markers using geolocation functionality in MobileTogether

The Geolocation Map Control supports an OnGeoMarkerClicked event that lets you define what happens when a user taps or clicks a map marker.

Additional variables and extension functions have been created to support this map functionality:

  • $MT_GeolocationMapMarker: dynamic variable that contains information about the marker last clicked or tapped by the user
  • mt-geo-map-marker: creates a marker on a map (shown above)
  • geolocations-bounding-rectangle: creates a bounding rectangle around a set of submitted geolocations

The map control adds to robust support for geolocation services in MobileTogether apps for tracking and recoding location data, integration with device map applications, calculating route distances and showing routes between two points, and more.

Record-Video Action

The Record-video Action lets users capture video directly in a MobileTogether app. MobileTogether Designer gives the developer complete control over:

  • The name and location of the video file to save
  • The maximum recording duration or file size
  • The picture quality of the video recording
Let users record videos in your apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using MobileTogether

This functionality complements existing support for video playback, letting you implement complete video integration in your apps.

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These features add to the comprehensive feature set in for building sophisticated apps in MobileTogether. Try them for yourself by downloading the free MobileTogether Designer.

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