Altova MissionKit 2013 with Smart Fix


Altova Software Version 2013 was released today, and, as always, numerous features in this year’s autumn launch have been developed in response to customer requests. You asked for the ability to use SQL stored procedures in MapForce data mapping projects, to embed XSDs in WSDL documents in XMLSpy, to add watermarks in StyleVision, and to integrate MissionKit functionality flexibly in Java applications. All those features and more are there in Version 2013. We’ve also added some features that can only be described as magical. Let’s take a look at the highlights…

Version 2013 Highlights

Smart Fix – it’s XML alchemy

We are especially excited to introduce Smart Fix validation, which takes intelligent XML editing in XMLSpy to a whole new level.

With Smart Fix, in addition to reporting comprehensive information about validation errors, XMLSpy enumerates the possible corrections for fixing them and will make the required changes automatically, based on your selection! This feature is truly magical. It reduces the time and frustration spent hunting down and fixing validation errors considerably. There is simply no other XML editor that even comes close to this.

Smart Fix validation

Mapping SQL Stored Procedures in MapForce

Support for these very important tools for designing, querying, and maintaining database architectures has been a frequent user request, especially among more DBA-oriented users.

MapForce, Altova’s any-to-any data mapping tool, has long provided powerful functionality for mapping, processing, and transforming SQL database data, and now it also includes robust support for stored procedures. You can utilize stored procedures in a data mapping project as:

· Input components (for stored procedures that provide results)

· Output components (for stored procedures that insert or update data in a database)

· Data processing function calls (allowing users to provide input data, execute the stored procedure, and read/map the output data to other components)

Mapping stored procedures

Watermark Support in StyleVision

One of the challenges of multi-channel publishing is being able to flexibly add output-specific features to a single layout design. For instance, when creating reports, media that is typically printed or presented in document format may require the addition of a watermark (such as diagonally page-spanning “confidential” or “draft” in the background), which is something not usually found on an HTML Web page.

Designers and developers now have the ability in StyleVision 2013 to incorporate image and/or free text watermark content in PDF, RTF, and Word output, while leaving the HTML output unchanged. This adds even more power and flexibility to multi-channel publishing of XML, SQL database, and XBRL content in StyleVision.

Watermarks in StyleVision

Seamless Integration Options in Java Applications

Another MissionKit 2013 feature added with flexibility in mind is a new API that allows developers to integrate XMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision, and Authentic functionality seamlessly in custom Java applications for Windows.

This frequently-requested capability adds to support for integrating MissionKit tools in Visual Basic or C# applications, giving developers even more options for adding powerful MissionKit views and functionality to their custom apps. Example applications, such as the one for XMLSpy shown below, are also provided to give you a head start implementing this functionality.

Sample Java app  These are just a few of the numerous new features added to the Altova XML, SQL, and UML product line in Version 2013. You can read more details here.

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