MetaTeam: Agile Team Performance

Team Workspace
Altova MetaTeam® is the online project collaboration environment for high performance teamwork.

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Roles and Responsibilities

MetaTeam delivers the agility role-driven frameworks require.

Delegate quickly with a dynamic responsibility assignment matrix. Drill-down reports show capabilities, objectives and team operations. More

Streamlined Decision-making

Agile teams make decisions efficiently.

MetaTeam accelerates decision-making with clear options, easy criteria analysis, simplifed prioritization, and collaborative consensus building. More

Task Management

MetaTeam organizes tasks for clarity and rapid access.

Assignments are aligned with responsibilities and decision-making. Features include tracking codes, a Gantt chart, controlled vocabulary and a full audit trail.

Knowledge Management

MetaTeam offers an intuitive wiki, automatic categorization and cross-referencing, threaded discussions and more. Configure MetaTeam to use your framework's terminology.

MetaTeam Highlights