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Re: [xsl] sgml to xml

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Date: 10/21/2009 8:06:00 PM
a kusa wrote:
> Now I am thinking that I don't have to run this data through any SGML
> -> XML converters can run the transformation on this data as is. I
> still have to modify the DOCTYPE declarations to include SYSTEM
> identifiers vs. PUBLIC.

If the DTD uses SGML syntax, e.g.

<!ELEMENT foo - - (#PCDATA)>

instead of XML syntax, e.g.


then the XML parser will choke on it.  You may be better off stripping
the DOCTYPE declarations rather than modifying them to have system
identifiers.  However, if the DTD provides any default attributes, that
may not be an option, so you will still need to do an SGML-to-XML
conversion.  (This last part is relevant to this list; default attribute
values can be a source of surprise to XSLT conversions.  The default
values can be built into the transformation instead, though.)

That said, osx does the job rather nicely; I would just use (and have
used) that.

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