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Re: [xsl] stylesheet expansion

From: Colin Paul Adams <colin@------------------>
Date: 12/10/2007 6:23:00 AM
>>>>> "Abel" == Abel Braaksma <> writes:

    Abel> <xsl:import
    Abel> href="http://otherhost-to-same-location/multiple-stylesheets-in-one.xslt#include-me"
    Abel> />

    Abel> but I don't know (not tested), if the #-syntax is supported
    Abel> this way (I remember a few W3C notes on the subject, but I
    Abel> can't recall whether it is legal and whether only the node
    Abel> with "include-me" will get selected).

Whether fragment identifiers are supported is implementation dependent.
As too, which media types are supported.

For the really pedantic, note that there isn't strictly any
circumstances under which any appropriate media-type/fragment
identifier combination would be legitimate, due to RFC 3023 not having
been updated.

In practice, one uses the XPointer framework, and ignores the
conformance nicety (Gestalt actually has options to override this
behaviour, so as to override the objection of even the most
died-in-the-wool pedant (such as the author), but no-one would use it
in practice).

So, in practice, you could get away with using this approach (by
aliasing two different URIs to refer to the same resource, thus
defeating the processor check), but it sounds highly cumbersome to me.

Compiled transformations sounds like a better solution.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire


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