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RE: [xsl] Windows Batchfile calling Saxon - Confusion of / and \

From: "Kerry, Richard" <richard.kerry@----------->
Date: 10/10/2007 1:45:00 PM
Thank you very much.
That works fine.

I've never seen that construct before.  Windows Help and Support Centre
entry on 'set' doesn't seem to mention it.


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> Subject: RE: [xsl] Windows Batchfile calling Saxon -
> Confusion of / and >
> > From: Kerry, Richard [mailto:richard.kerry@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> > Sent: 10 October, 2007 09:27
> > To: xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Subject: [xsl] Windows Batchfile calling Saxon - Confusion
> of / and > >
> > If I pass the secondary file as 'C:/Projects/Secondary.xml'
> > it's happy.
> > If I pass the secondary file as 'C:\Projects\Secondary.xml'
> > it isn't, saying "FODC0005: Exception thrown by URIResolver.
> > Invalid relative URI".
> >
> > I don't want to hard-code the current path in my batch file,
> > I want to say "set DIR=%cd%", but if I do that DIR has '\' in
> > it in the usual Windows manner, causing the read to fail,
> as above.
> >
> > So :
> > 1.  Can I get Saxon to accept '\' instead of '/' ?  I presume
> > not as its a URI not a directory name.
> > 2.  Can I get Windows batch-files to convert '\' to '/' ?
> set file1="C:\Projects\Secondary.xml"
> set file2=%file1:\=/%
> echo %file1%
> echo %file2%
> > 3.  Can I get Saxon's document() function to search relative
> > to the current working directory rather than the top of the disk ?


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