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Re: [xsl] a weird bug today, tree seems to change mid transform

From: "bryan rasmussen" <rasmussen.bryan@--------->
Date: 9/8/2007 6:13:00 PM
> To Bryan: if you search for it on MSKB, you will find that quite many
> issues that have happened over time with the XML Parser of microsoft are
> caused by concurrent access, wrong threading model or similar issues. Of
> course, the issues addressed are about crashes or access violation
> errors. It still sounds to me that your situation suffers the same
> problem but without the violation errors. Here are a couple of those
> articles:
I have some experience with ASP from about 4 years back. Definitely if
it was a violation error I would have figured it was an access error,
I have seen quite a bit of that. That is what should happen by the
ASP/MSXML model, if there is double access on the dom it should return
a violation error from my experience that it didn't made me think a
bug in the processor.

> This was a sentence that struck me: "XML Documents are not "marshalled
> by value." If you return an XML document, the instance lives on the
> server". From what I remember about marshalling, this means that each
> time you access a multi-threaded (or remote) document, the property will
> be retrieved again. Meaning, also, that through this marshalling, the
> object can also be changed by another process at any moment.

sure this could cause difficulties IIRC if you were using the document
function. But I've never experience a situation analogous to this one
(but maybe that is because I built my applications to work the way I
expected them to)

I think I should just put this stuff together in a larger document to
send back into the error tracking people and say find this problem in
the application. I suppose one thing that made me freak about this was
I could not know with any certainty if:

1. It was caused by a bug in the processor
2. it was caused by a bug in the application and whatever happened was
not considered a bug in the processor because the particular double
access was allowed although I doubted it because I have seen a number
of access violations in ASP.
3. it was actually done this way in the application on purpose (for an
unknown reason) and they found a way to do this with MSXML (so if
anyone knew a stupid processor trick that allowed one to do this they
could show it to me)

Bryan Rasmussen


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