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[xsl] search for aligned elements

From: "Rodrigo Segnini" <rsegnini@--------->
Date: 7/18/2007 1:10:00 AM

I have an xml document with the following structure, used for
annotation of events:

     <track name="some event name">
        <el index="0" start="38.4" end="39.08">
        <el index="1" start="39.08" end="43.04">
     <track name="other name">
       <el index="0" start="0.04" end="4">

   (more tracks with more than one element)


I am interested in finding elements across tracks falling within the
same range as delimited by the start and end fields. There are various
rules to determine what means to be within range or not.

When aligned elements are found, an attribute is added to a third
track linking the two.

Is xsl the right way to go for this procedure (speed is crucial), or
is parsing the document and traversing it from another language a
better option?

If the former is appropriate, could I get enough info through this
list to accomplish it, as a programmer but neophite to xsl, or would
anyone be interested in doing this work on a contract basis? Also
suggestions to the latter option are appreciated.




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