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RE: [xsl] Applying Attributes with Grouping Method

From: "Michael Kay" <mike@------------>
Date: 3/21/2007 5:13:00 PM
> I'm having a problem with grouping using attributes and I'm 
> tired of banging my head against the wall.  I'm using Saxon V8.5.

If you're using Saxon 8.x (the latest release is Saxon 8.9, by the way) then
you don't need Muenchian grouping, you can use xsl:for-each-group, which is
much simpler.
> I've found part of my answer to my original grouping question 
> in the FAQ section and got that to work, however, I'm still 
> not getting my desired output.

No-one can tell you where you went wrong unless you show us your code.

> My desired output is this:
> <report>
> 	<item part="W1123" quantity="3" val="Part_A" name="P21,P22,P23"
> />
> 	<item part="W1144" quantity="1" val="Part_B" name="J31" />
> 	<item part="W1145" quantity="1" val="Part_C" name="J32" 
> /> </report>


<xsl:for-each-group select="conn" group-by="part">
  <item part="{@part} val="{property/@val}
     name="{string-join(current-group()/@name, ',')}"/>

Michael Kay

> My original question was with grouping, specifically with the 
> name attribute, and I think I kind of understand grouping 
> now, thanks to the link on "Grouping Using the Muenchian Method". 
> My problem is bringing the name attribute into my existing
> reportdetails.   Currently I'm generating this:
> <report>
> 	<item part="W1123" quantity="3" val="Part_A" />
> 	<item part="W1144" quantity="1" val="Part_B" />
> 	<item part="W1145" quantity="1" val="Part_C" /> </report>
> Now, I can get the name attributes grouped using the 
> Muenchian Method in a separate XSL style sheet.
> My problem is when I start applying attributes.  Obviously 
> the attribute value is not behaving like I thought it would.
> Could someone provide insight on how to tackle this problem?
> Here is a small sample of the xml data:
> <connection>
> 	<conn name="P21" part="W1123">
> 		<property name="s_des" val="Part_A"/>
> 	</conn>
> 	<conn name="P22" part="W1123"/>
> 		<property name="s_des" val="Part_A"/>
> 	</conn>
> 	<conn name="P23" part="W1123"/>
> 		<property name="s_des" val="Part_A"/>
> 	</conn>
> 	<conn name="J31" part="W1144"/>
> 		<property name="s_des" val="Part_B"/>
> 	</conn>
> 	<conn name="J32" part="W1145"/>
> 		<property name="s_des" val="Part_C"/>
> 	</conn>
> </connection>
> Thank you,
> Karl


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