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Re: [xsl] XSL questions

From: "Wei Wei" <wei725@--------->
Date: 6/1/2006 6:09:00 PM
Thanks Dave for your response. And please see below.

> > I have a element definited in a DTD file as <!ELEMENT Para
> > (#PCDATA | Emphasis)*>
> >
> > I need to the content of the element contains the html list tags,
> > eg. <ul><LI>first</LI><LI>second</LI></ul>.
> >
> > XMLSpy says that is invalid since the parent elements' content
> > disallow element ul.
> XMLSpy is correct to say that's invalid, the dtd says you may not have
> html elements there and you say you need them, so you need to ignore the
> dtd or to change the dtd. XSLT doesn't care, if you generate the html
> elements in a way that is not valid you get no warning from xslt.

I can use another editor to make the change. The problem is the html tags
don't serve its funcation when a html file is genereated with the XSL file.

Not a solution?

> > The position function doesn't work for my need. It returns the
> > total number of elements.
> No it doesn't, it returns the position of thee current node in the
> current node list.

You're right. But, that is not what I need. I need to know the number of
elements met the condition(both in the "when" and "otherwise"), but not the
position of an element in the list.

> > I have tried to use the count on an element/attribute. I don't know
> > why it always returns one.
> > ... count(@id)
> I'm not sure what value you'd expect it to return, @id selects all the
> id attributes of the current node, and there can only ever be at most 1
> attribute with the same name, so this will always be 1 (if there is an
> id) or 0 otherwise.

The id is an attribute of the node looping. I guess I should count the node
itself. But, the editor doesn't allow me.

> 		<xsl:for-each select=" ...">
> 					<xsl:if test="$current_id = @relatedPerson">
> 					</xsl:if>
> 				</xsl:for-each>
> don't do that, just select the nodes that you want
> 		<xsl:for-each select=" ...[$current_id = @relatedPerson]">
> 		</xsl:for-each>

That serves the same function. But, it is not what I am asking for. I need to
find out whether there is an element met the condition after the loop.



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