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RE: [xsl] Incremental Numbering

From: "Michael Kay" <mike@------------>
Date: 5/9/2006 7:39:00 PM
> >Is there any way I can store and increment a value in this way?
> No, but I'm sure from your earlier comment that you've 
> already determined from the archives that this is not possible.

Well, there is an alternative solution to Ken's: in fact two. Ken computes
the number for each item as a function of information in the source, which
is a perfectly reasonable approach in this case but doesn't work for all
such problems. 

Plan B is to process the source records using recursion: write a
function/template that processes one input record, then calls itself to
process the remainder. On the recursive call, you can pass parameters that
represent the current state, for example a number which increments on each

Plan C is a two-phase transformation: first generate the output table, then
in a second pass, number its cells.

Michael Kay


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