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[xsl] Is letting the browser transform XML to XHTML using XSLT a good choice?

From: Gowri Ratakonda <gratakonda@--------->
Date: 3/2/2006 5:09:00 PM
I am a newbie and need the experts' advice so that I
can go in the right direction .....

For a long time our team has extracted the data we
wanted, output it as text files, used Perl to convert
them into HTML for our customers.

Now, our plan is to put the data in XML files. And my
job is to transform these XML files to XHMTL for our
users. We support these three browsers:
IE, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla(UNIX)

Although our initial goal is to publish static pages
right now, we would like to publish dynamic pages
eventually. For example, allowing the user to choose
to look at a given section of the XML file. 

So is it a good idea to rely on these three browsers'
XSLT processor to do the transformation, or should I
look into other tools? If yes, what are the tools that
I should consider?

And what's the best method of generating PDFs from
these XML files?



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