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Re: [xsl] msxml and removing parameters from a cached processor

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Date: 3/24/2006 1:53:00 PM
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Subject: Re: [xsl] msxml and removing parameters from a cached processor

Robert Koberg wrote:

Are you using xsl:params with default values or sometimes not passing 
params? In other words, if you do a transform with a cached processor 
where the first time you pass param 'foo=bar' and then in the next 
transform you do not send the param 'foo' you will still get the param 
'foo=bar'. Maybe I am just missing how Manos does it?

Actually the MS API does not offer anything out of the box to reset 
parameter values to their default; the reset method brings back the 
transformer to the state prior to the last transformation, but that does 
not mean it resets the params to their defaults (well, AFAIK).

Sarissa implements Mozilla's XSLTProcessor for IE but that impl does not 
include the clearParameters method (which switches the params to the 
defaults). The mechanism is mostly there so i guess i'll have to fix for 
the next release ;-)


How would that work?

Would you have to store the defaults (in a hashtable for example) when the 
setParameter was called?




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