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Re: [xsl] extracting sequences

From: Dimitre Novatchev <dnovatchev@--------->
Date: 2/18/2004 10:20:00 PM
> Hello,
> The following RDF models a hierarchical website of 7 nodes with a max
> depth of 2. 

I don't see any graph described in your xml document. 

> I would like to transform it into a text file containing
> each path through the site, one per line, where a path is a space
> delimited sequence of hyperlink labels from the root of the site to a
> leaf.
> Therefore, for the following RDF data, I'd like to produce:
> --
> a d
> a e
> b f
> b g
> c h
> --
> Can xslt realize this transformation?  

It is not xslt that will create the transformation, but an XSLT

> The problem is challenging
> because 1) the RDF data models a DAG (directed acyclic graph), due to
> the presence of crosslinks, rather than just a tree, and 2) there is no
> way to associate any node with its parents and therefore the processing
> must proceed in a top-down, rather than bottom-up, fashion.

Seems quite straightforward to me -- especially if you explain the problem

Could you draw the graph and explain how its vertices and arcs are
specified in your xml document? What is the meaning of a "crosslink"?


Dimitre Novatchev
FXSL developer, -- the home of FXSL

>  Top-down
> processing is generally convenient when things are nested, but they are
> not in this case.
> <RDF xmlns:r=""
> xmlns:d=""> 
> <Node r:id="Root"> 
>    <num> 1</num>
>    <d:Title> Root</d:Title>
>    <link r:resource="Root/a"> </link>
>    <link r:resource="Root/b"> </link>
>    <link r:resource="Root/c"> </link>
> </Node> 
> <Node r:id="Root/a"> 
> <num> 2</num>
> <d:Title> a</d:Title>
> <link r:resource="Root/a/d"> </link>
> <link r:resource="Root/a/e"> </link>
> </Node> 
> <Node r:id="Root/b"> 
> <num> 3</num>
> <d:Title> b</d:Title>
> <link r:resource="Root/b/g"> </link>
> <crosslink r:resource="f:Root/a/e"> </symbolic>
> </Node> 
> <Node r:id="Root/c"> 
> <num> 4</num>
> <d:Title> c</d:Title>
> <crosslink r:resource="h:Root/b/g"> </link>
> </Node> 
> <Node r:id="Root/a/d"> 
> <num> 5</num>
> <d:Title> d</d:Title>
> </Node> 
> <Node r:id="Root/a/e"> 
> <num> 6</num>
> <d:Title> e</d:Title>
> </Node> 
> <Node r:id="Root/b/g"> 
> <num> 7</num>
> <d:Title> g</d:Title>
> </Node> 
> </RDF> 

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