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Re: [xsl] Re: encoding <-> omit-xml-declaration

From: "Maia Zaharieva" <m.zaharieva@------->
Date: 1/18/2004 11:41:00 AM
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| > the background: i am actually writing xml-to-php
| > transformation (with multiple documents and a php-template as
| > input). because of the php section in the html code i had to
| > choose between - 1) simulating xml output and manipulating
| > the encoding or 2) getting html output and manipulating the
| > processing instructions.
| I do quite a bit of this type of thing with PHP and not quite sure where
| the problem would be,
| perhaps a representative example of your xml and xslt ( to php ) might
| result in a pratical answer.
| Gl, jim fuller

thanks for the offer jum! maybe i have done some error in reasoning, but
what i was thinking about was -  php script is always starting with <? and
ends with ?>... if i simply do copy of the processing instruction i am
loosing the question mark at the end when its the html output. thats why i
have changed to xml output (with omit-xml-declaration) and everything worked
perfect till the moment i noticed some of the elements may contain ansii
entities. hence the try to change the encoding.
anyway, now i am back to the html output and force the "?>" at the end of
the php script and all my problems arre solved


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