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[xsl] Planning for a xml/xslt Website

From: Geoff Hankerson <ghank@----------->
Date: 9/4/2003 9:01:00 AM
I've become convinced using xml, xslt, and css is the way I want to 
build Web sites.  I'm looking for a few suggestions on best practices.


My server side varies depending on the site I might be working on. In 
some cases it's ColdFusionMX, others asp or php.

The xml for a given page might come from an xml file, remote feed or a 
database query converted to an xml string on the fly. I will probably 
do the xslt transformation on the server because browser support is too 
iffy at this point.

Here is my question:

Each page of the site could potentially have a coldfusion or php file, 
and xml file and in some cases an xslt file and css file. I would  make 
sure my pages share xslt and css style sheets. I know the whole point 
of using xslt and css is to build components of a site that can be 
reused, but the potential for exceptions always exist.  So I have an 
xml file, a script (cfm, php, jsp or asp) file, and perhaps an xslt and 
css file for one page. Have I really maintaining my site and code 
easier? I've separated presentation from content so that helps a lot. 
But up to 4 files for one Web page? Is there a better way?

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