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Re: AW: [xsl] Sorting Upper-Case first. Microsoft bug?

From: Stan Devitt <jsdevitt@-------------->
Date: 8/6/2003 9:23:00 AM
I apologize for yet another message on lexicographic sorting but

in light of the considerable confusion exibited on this issue I'd like 
to see

three points emphasised.

1.  Lexicograpahic  is important precisely because it is so well defined 
because of this I suspect the spec writers really meant it when the 
wrote it in. )

It  provides an easy to check reference implementation that is 99% usable.

2.  The notion of "lexicographic sorting" in the "culturally correct" 
manner is  also valid,

but it falls short of  implementing all of UTR 10.   The only  "cultural 
choice" you have in a

lexicograpahic sort  is in deciding on a total order of the symbols of 
your  alphabet.

After that, everything else is determined.  

3.  Placing selected  "words" out of lexicographic order (however well 

clearly violates the lexicographic constraint of the spec and is in 
error as the spec

is currently worded.

As a follow on action,  I'd like to see the spec writers clarify (in the 

that they really  do mean lexicographic, and perhaps augment the list of 
available sorts

by a  "pseudo-lexicographical" or "word" based sort in order to capture

what actually got implemented and which is important for its own reasons

but is much less well defined.

Stan Devitt

Markus Abt wrote:


It seems to me that the XSLT specification wants lexicographic ordering in the
culturally correct manner.
Mabye this is a contradiction, in this case I would regard this an error in the XSLT spec.


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