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RE: [xsl] global variable and position() once more

From: "Michael Kay" <mhk@--------->
Date: 8/28/2003 2:54:00 PM
<xsl:apply-templates select="text()[position()>$descPos]"/>

That won't work, it's only selecting text nodes that are children of the
html element, and they are all white space.

Anyway, $descPos isn't a position, it's a text node.

If $descPos2 were defined as

<xsl:variable name="descPos2"

then you could select all text nodes that follow it using:

select="(//text)[position() > $descPos2]

but you can do that much more easily as:

  <xsl:apply-templates select="$descPos/following::text()"/>

However, I suspect you don't only want to process the text nodes, you
also want to process their containing elements.

Trouble is, I'm not really sure what you DO want to do.

Michael Kay

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> Subject: RE: [xsl] global variable and position() once more
> Hello, being a newbie is a pain...
> I decided to try Michael Kay's suggestion of using a global 
> variable. My problem is that 
> I need to select the text nodes after a text node that starts 
> with the 
> word 'Description'.
> The xhtml looks more or less like this: (This is a simplified 
> sample version, could 
> provide the real one on request)
> <html>
>    <head>
>       <!--Something here-->
>    <head>
>    <body>
>         blah bla blah
>         <table>
>           <!-- something here-->
>         </table>
>         Description
>         <table>
>           <!-- something here-->
>         </table>
>         text nodes to select with the description text
>    </body>
> </html>  
> My xsl stylesheet looks like this:
> ...
> <xsl:template match="/">
>                 ... 
> 		<Document>
> 		    <xsl:apply-templates select="html"/>
> 		</Document>
>                 ...  
> </xsl:template>
> ...
> <xsl:variable name="descPos" 
> select="//text()[starts-with(normalize-space
> (),'Description')]"/>
> ...
> <xsl:template match="html">
>                 <xsl:element name="description">
>                        <xsl:apply-templates 
> select="text()[position()>$descPos]"/>
>                 </xsl:element>
> ...
> </xsl:template>
> ...
> I can't manage to store in the descPos global variable the 
> position of the node that 
> starts with 'Description', when I try 
> select="//text()[starts-with(normalize-space
> (),'Description')position()] or try to get the position 
> function somewhere in that XPath 
> expression I get errors.
> So far the descPos variable gets a wrong value, always 1 and 
> the mentioned text node has 
> a position 30 or more on some other input documents.
> thanks a lot for looking at this, 
> Lizet
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