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Re: RE: [xsl] number total of page

From: "Agnes Kielen" <a.kielen@------->
Date: 7/7/2003 10:08:00 AM
Why not? I do suchthing in my application. Works perfect.

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I can't do that because, my XSLT scripts transforms a
docbook file (XML) into Fo code, which is retransform in PDF.

And the only solution should be to add a sp&eacute;cific tag at the
end of my documents, which is not clean!!

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Subject : Re: RE: [xsl] number total of page

> I can't know which is my last fo:block, since the fo code is
> generated by my XSLT scripts.

Your XSLT script is controlling what goes into the FO file,
so it knows
what is the last block that is there (or more simply can
just add a
final block, for this purpose, after everything else)


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