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Re: [xsl] Question about keys and cross-referencing (was predicate)

From: Chris Loschen <loschen@------------->
Date: 5/5/2003 11:34:00 AM
This discussion of keys and predicates raises an issue I had been 
pondering. I've working on some documents

where the cross-references are entered but without the target specified. 
I've got ids on each of the main entries

(which will be the targets), but I need to look them up in order to find 
the right things.

So I've got an input structure like this:

<e eid="e0001"><hg><hw>keyword</hw></hg><se1>...</se1></e>


<e eid="e1234"><hg><hw>different_keyword</hw></hg><se1>... <xg>See also 

where the <xr> element "keyword" needs to link to the <e> element where the 
<hw> is "keyword".

I'm thinking that I can set up a key like

<xsl:key name="headwords" match="hw" use="ancestor::e/@eid" />

and then reference it in my xr template like

<xsl:attribute name="href"><xsl:text>#</xsl:text><xsl:apply-templates 
select="key('headwords',ancestor::e/@eid)" /></xsl:attribute>

Does that sound right?

Now, an additional twist:

Sometimes I've got several headwords that are identical except for the 
homograph numbers, like so:

<e eid="e0003"><hg><hw>keyword</hw><hom>1</hom></hg><se1>...</se1></e>
<e eid="e0004"><hg><hw>keyword</hw><hom>2</hom></hg><se1>...</se1></e>
<e eid="e0005"><hg><hw>keyword</hw><hom>3</hom></hg><se1>...</se1></e>

and these are referenced like so:

<e eid="e2345"><hg><hw>different_keyword</hw></hg>... <xg>See also 

Is there a way to include those homograph numbers in the key and in the 
cross-reference so that I get the

correct (I hope unique) link?

Thanks again for all of your help!

At 12:35 PM 5/5/03, you wrote:

You want the current() function, which returns the current node (typically 
the node that has matched the template) irrespective of what the context 
node happens to be (e.g. inside a predicate, where the context node has 


select="//rdf:description[@about=current()/@xlink:href]" />

But you'd get better performance using a key:

<xsl:key name="descs-by-about" match="rdf:description" use="@about"/>


<xsl:apply-templates select="key('descs-by-about',@xlink:href)"/>




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