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Re: [xsl] XPathEvaluator in SAXON?

From: Liu Shuai <shuai@----------------->
Date: 3/5/2003 7:05:00 AM
Michael Kay wrote:

What I was looking for is some class that takes in a Docment 
object and 
a XPathExpress object, then evaluate the document against the 
xpath and 
then return a collection of matching Node objects, sothat I 
can change 
the value of the nodes and save them back to the document file.


Saxon's two native tree implementations (the standard tree and the tiny
tree) are both read-only - they are designed for XSLT processing, where
node-level updates are not a requirement, and making the structures
read-only allows higher XSLT performance.

Yes, I can understand that.

The reason I wanted to do that is because I want to use xslt to manage 
the xml content in addtion to just display it.

Since it's really easy to "query"  a xml file using a xpath expression, 
it will be handy that I can update the value in the result nodes and 
then save the document.

The only mutable tree structure that Saxon supports is the JDOM

I believe that some Saxon users have written drivers that allow Saxon to

be used with third-party DOM implementations, but there's no such driver

included with the product.


Great, but how do I specify which implementaion to use? 

In the case of JDOM, you build the tree using JDOM interfaces.

In the case of Saxon's two tree implementations, you can control it
using a property of the TransformerFactory.

I will give that a try.
Thank you for your help.

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